Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two reviews

This is Mabel modelling the new Natori bra I ordered. I saw this on a jogging demo on Oprah. Regular sports bra--lots of movement --Natori sports bra---hardly any movement. It has nice wide straps, a soft fit and the side panels really fight gravity. It gives a nice shape, no mono boob! I'm giving it a thumbs up.

I will also plug the "greatest loser" DVD. I have the one with 6 workouts. I'm using the intial weight lifting workout and I'm quite pleased with it. A good all around workout with a warm-up and a good stretch session after. I hope to work my way up to the low-impact aerobic and finally the boot camp! I've learned the hard way (through injuries) to work my way up slowly.

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Patrice said...

By golly - I need one of those!!

I've always been frustrated by the complete lack of sports/jogging bras for well endowed women (yeah - I'm one).

Though I still believe the only one that will produce zero bounce to the ounce should be made of cast iron, I'd be more comfy if I could breathe. I have prolly bought and rejected more sport bras than most people have teeth.

I truly believe that only a busty woman could design a proper brassiere.!