Sunday, January 17, 2010


This is an old drawing from one of my early drawing classes entitled "Burning".

I am ranting today about those stupid low rise pants designed for barrel shaped women. Doesn't anyone see that that low rise is not flattering to anyone but the model shaped! And isn't anyone tired of the butt cleavage and muffin tops on display? I have been trying for nearly seven years to find a pair of slacks or jeans that fit and flatter and actually come to my waist.....not two inches below my belly button (that is NOT where a person's waist is) and not with about seven inches of gap at the waist if they fit in the hips. I have surrendered and am trying to sew a pair of pants. There have to be other people that feel like me. How do we influence the designers to at least give us a choice!! And not make the few paints that might have a high waist tapered down to the ankle.!!!Argh!

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