Monday, February 1, 2010

Candlemas or Imbolc

This is the dawn of the year. All the secret sleeping seeds down in the earth are starting to respond to the return of the light. Imbolc roughly translates from a gaelic word that means ewe's milk as this is the time that herd animals start to lactate and prepare for birth. The goddess of Imbolc is Brigid, a goddess of creativity and fertility. Candlemas honors St. Brigid.

I hope to have a bonfire (or at least candles) and plan what I want to accomplish or plant this year and ask for inspiration. This painting is "Motley Blue Hearts".

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Patrice said...

Doing a bonfire reminds me of art school - and one of the best times was doing a burning. The kiln would fire, we'd build an adjacent bonfire, and we'd all create tiny effigies to represent our "troubles". All of our troubles would then be reduced to ashes to make way for rebirth. Kind of like the phoenix mythology...

Love the hearts upon hearts..