Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympic Ceremony Review and Rant

I couldn't stand it any longer after reading some of the comments on other sites. I enjoyed the opening ceremonies.

Always happy to see the RCMP in there scarlet tunics. It would have been cool if they could have been on horseback but nobody wants to walk through all of those road apples afterwards.

I thought the first nations welcome was beautiful, enjoyed the diversity of costume and dance and gave them credit for their stamina. You try dancing for over an hour. The tall lit up figures were based on native welcome figures and perfectly appropriate.

Loved the visuals as the orca and salmon swam across the ice. Was thrilled the great trees depicted paid homage to Emily Carr, our undersung great Canadian painter.

The lovely girl with the lovely voice sang the Canadian anthem but it was too slow to sing with! Which was probably just as well, I have lived in this country for 30 years and have yet to see Canadians really stand up and belt out their anthem. I have always been puzzled, disappointed and frustrated by this. I know the Canadians don't like the flag-waving patriotism of the Americans. When I have questioned them about their lack of response the answer I get most often is "I don't know the words" or "they changed the words". Come on...I'm an immigrant and I know the words!

The little flying boy over the wheatfields was ok but I found it a little long.

Things got stirred up with the fiddlers. There has been a lot of negative response about their punk/celtic outfits but I thought they were modern and interesting and want a cool garb of my own!

I thought it was great that they let the athletes march in and then enjoy the show.

Go Canadian Womens Hockey Go!

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