Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Big drum roll....Z

It took some searching to come up with Z but I happened to notice the latin name for one of my favorite birds. I love their soft, lonely sound.

I would actually like to learn Latin. That used to be the choice at our High School, Latin or French. I took french because I thought it sounded so wonderful. But Latin is very uselful especially if you are studying sciences. I had an art major in university but I nearly had a science minor (biology and botany). E Pluribus Unum, Caveat Emptor and, of course, exit!


AutumnLeaves said...

Paula!! You almost majored in botany??? Any chance you could hop over to my blog and look at a flower I have photographed in my latest entry? I have contacted several sources asking for help in identifying it and no one has responded. I cannot find it online anywhere and I've looked at quite a few indigenous wildflower sites (I live in IL and this flower was along the I & M Trail in Seneca). Any chance you might know what the heck it is? I am so curious and have already spent hours online researching and have contacted several places looking for help (no response).

Anyway, mourning doves are so pretty, aren't they? I think I can usually tell them by how tiny their heads are and by that dove gray color with soft blues or pinks they have in their bellies. Their cooing is so soft and lulling too. I also took French, 4 years of it in high school. Our choices were German, Russian, French, and Spanish.

FCP said...

A lovely end to a great series! We have many mourning doves here--yours is a wonderful rendition.
and just for the record, I took Latin in college, and while it was interesting to learn the origin of words, I remember very little...must be because I haven't used that info much!
happy painting, Paula, can't wait to see what your next adventure will be!