Friday, May 21, 2010

The one you've been waiting for!

I thought I was rather clever with this one. I ripped up an aerial map of the valley, flew some crows over it (as the crow flies) and gave them a co-ordinate (you are here). Now they can fly in and join us for Valley Appreciation Days.

I live at the tip of that lower blue lake. Hey Jennifer, do you miss us?

"The mind stand in the way of the eye." Arthur Stern. Check out art quotes at the Painters Key.


AutumnLeaves said...

LOLOL No birds that start with the letter 'x'? Either way, I think this is a fabulous piece and you are indeed clever! I couldn't have thought of this! And I think this too would make a cool logo type piece for your studio!!

Sheila said...

Very clever! This really has a nice flow to it with the rips and the crows fying in the same direction. Whimsical addition of the "You are here" is priceless.

FCP said...

I positively LOVE it!

jennifer woodburn said...

Yes I do miss it dearly!! Love this one, and your library postcard or poster that has all of your bird pieces. So cool to see them all together. It is a fantastic series.