Saturday, November 20, 2010

B is for brrrrrr!

8x10 collage

Well, I hope sitting all day in a drafty community centre flogging my wares will be worth at least the cost of gas. I am off with cards and prints to attend a craft fair at Invermere. The roads are less than desirable but that is just the status for this time of year. The temperature is dropping down tomight to -20C which translates to roughly -5F for those south of the border.

Irritating friends emailing and blogging from southern climes are just irritating!

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Nora & James McDowell said...

My first thought was "On Sunday?" but that was the email that arrives a day late.
I hope your sale went well.
James and I have been continuing to do our Farmer's Market which has moved into Morris Flowers Greenhouse and will continue until Dec.18.
I think this is so I can not do any flapping for Christmas (as if I would, anyway. If company was coming but James and I may just sit and feed the fire.)
This week James and I are "dividing and conquering."
He did the Saturday Market while I did the Wynndel Community Craft Fair. Next weekend James will do the Creston Arts Council Arts & Crafts Fair and I will do the Saturday Market and then I will rush over when it ends at 2:00 to relieve James so he can go over to the Images Art Show which will be at Rotocrest on Sat. & Sunday, and where James is their guest artist this year.
We don't try to sell his original art at craft fairs but we sell many, many, many cards which are made by him photographing his work, and me putting them on the computer and with Print Shop making cars that I print on an Epson Printer.