Friday, November 26, 2010

What I did on Black Friday!

I quite like this straw cloche. When I looked for cloche patterns on the net, there weren't any that I liked. So I draped the straw hat with a thin pliable foam and shaped and cut a pattern.

Close, but it needed some tweaking, mainly making a narrower brim. I am using up a bag of fleece scraps that have been sitting around!

This is the style I was going for. It also covers my ears which are extremely wind sensitive. I made the head part double layer and it's really warm. I like the brim flipped down.

But you could wear it more 1920's style with the brim flipped up. I am going to try again in a nicer looking fabric. This orange fleece will make a dog walking hat for now and no one will mistake me for a deer.

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