Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I was enamored by the pattern Mc Call's 4769, a cute little shirtdress. I had a piece of thrift store fabric that I used as a muslin (actually--a practice piece). Different blogs had warned that constructing the collar was very frustrating and not well-illustrated in the pattern directions but I found a blog that clearly explains the process and slowly followed her directions. I am pleased with the dress and may try it in a different fabric. Not sure where I will wear all the cute dress!

For instructions see:


AutumnLeaves said...

You look lovely, Paula! Last time I was doing a dress, my cats chewed up the pattern pieces...while they were attached to the fabric. Then my sewing machine is "clogged." I always can get that fixed myself, but last time I couldn't. I put it away in frustration. Sigh...I hope I can fix it next time I take it out.

Log Cabin Studio said...

Looks really great Paula,I love how the angles on the side came together.I quess someone will just have to take you out dancing now!!!