Thursday, February 7, 2013

My list of nine best romantic movies

My list of nine best romantic movies (in no particular order)

Gone with the Wind. I think the part that tweaks me the most is when Rhett returns with Bonnie after leaving Scarlet. They both have a brief moment where they hope to kindle the romance but pride makes them both do stupid things.

Far and Away. One of my all time favorites. Cruise, Kidman, a quest for land.

Chocolat. Depp, Binoche and magic and chocolate

Summertime. Hepburn at her best, Rossano Brazzi and Venice. (sigh)

Up. Omigod, this movie makes me cry (buckets!) when I see the story of Carl and Ellie.

Bull Durham. I loved Saradon in this and Costner isn't bad. Steamy in parts.

Ryan's Daughter. Some remarkable acting turns, a fantastic story (with Irish) and an incomparable cinematogrophy by David Lean.

Marnie. Young Connery is worth the look alone. Very Hitchcock and lovely Tippi Hedren. i guess it was very racy in it's day.

Crazy in Alabama. Not so much a romantic movie as just a movie I really love. It was marketed as a vehicle for Melanie Griffith but the real story revolves around Peejoe (Lucas Black) and the quest for freedom (racial and feminist).

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