Monday, March 14, 2011

Columbia To-do

"Columbia To-do" 16x20 acrylic collage

This is one of the first paintings I made when I moved to the valley. It reflects what my life was like at the time...becoming aware of the colors of the valley especially the strange milky turquoise color that the lake reflects on a sunny day...magpies and bones everywhere and lists endless to-do lists. It received a dismissive review at one of the local shows. That is when I decided I no longer wanted critiques from other painters. I am not painting for them. There was (and still is somewhat) a prevailing trend to paint realistic mountain scapes. There are so many people that do it so well. I decided to become the "anti-mountain" and follow a different path.

And darn it, I still like the painting.


PEACHES said...

No kiddin! It's a great piece. There's a great intensity to it. I can see how it ties to a particular place and time. I think we can all relate to the idea of birds sometimes:)

Nora and James McDowell said...

I love it but then I love birds of any sort and as kids, magpies were these rare and beautiful who only showed up when there was butchering. I still love them, and your work in general.
There are lots of lovely mountain and lake painters but I like the humour of your work.

Nora and James McDowell said...

I have always loved magpies ever since I was a child and they were these rare and beautiful birds who only showed up when there was butchering.
I still love them and I love your work too. Paint on.

AutumnLeaves said...

I am just awed by these beautiful, earthy colors, Paula. I think the composition is gorgeous too, so free, so expansive - if that makes sense. Personally I rather like marching to the beat of a different drummer myself and enjoying finding like minded souls. I also don't care over much for critiques, though by and large it is because I'm super sensitive (and hate that about myself). Someone's negative words so easily crush my spirit and enthusiasm. I just keep on muddling along well aware of my own flaws. I don't need others to point out what I already know. Serves no purpose within but to make me shrivel a bit more.

Paula K. Cravens said...

My stars! Thanks to everyone who gave me positive feedback. You guys make my day.Really, truly.