Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My necklaces

I have my necklaces mounted on a board in my bedroom. I find that if they are in a jewelry stash, I forget to wear them besides, I like looking at them. I have never been a refined jewelry/diamond kind of girl. I like ethnic and pearls. If my stupid ears weren't metal sensitive, I would wear earrings all the time. Anything less than 22K gold wires generally makes my ears burn like the devil and then weep but it is too expensive to put gold on all my cheap earrings. I am trying niobium hooks. I love the look of bracelets but tend to take them off when I am driving (and living here, I am always driving!) and then forget to put them back on.

Yesterday was a cold, wet, grim, grey day, outside and in my soul...I don't know why. I couldn't settle, or concentrate...nothing seemed worth painting. But I persevered. I started on the background for a alphabet painting, then jumped to a small landscape and then sketched out a figure painting, triggered an idea for a trio of figure paintings of one of my favorite models from three different angles. That should keep me busy for a bit. I guess the saying to keep on painting when you get stuck, might be true.

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AutumnLeaves said...

Good advice, Paula. Let's see. I like the look of necklaces and bracelets but rarely wear them. I especially love rings but have some of the ugliest hands ever seen. And? I've developed an allergy to silver all of a sudden. Not sure if gold would cause the same reaction but I don't think so. I have pierced ears but rarely wear earrings either. They bother me when I lay down and sometimes my ears hurt from them too. Mostly I just don't bother.