Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pink Kimono

Pink Kimono 16x16

This is my new favorite painting and will probably go on my business cards for a lot of this year.

I have to get busy and paint today. Yesterday, was spent drugged out trying to overcome a migraine. I did not have the focus to paint. What a waste of a day. Better than dry heaves for 48 hours though. I love living through modern medicine.

OSCAR REVIEW: Thank god I taped it and zoomed through it in about 30 minutes. I like Anne Hathaway but she was trying too hard, not funny and what's up with the stoned zombie with her (somebody should have gotten their money back for hiring that guy Franco)? I find Kirk Douglas kind of creepy even though he is still going at 94.


AutumnLeaves said...

This is one pretty piece, Paula. I can see why it is your new favorite. I didn't watch the Oscars and haven't in years. I rarely even catch the movies that are up for them (I don't go to the show much). Hoping you feel pretty good today...

jennifer woodburn said...

Paula - this one is rightfully your favourite at the moment - it is gorgeous! Great composition, and I love how you have painted the kimono. I could see a wholes series of these - Bravo!