Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Try Some

I found this peanut dispenser in an antique shop when I was in Nelson for a workshop last year. It doesn't look quite this souped up (oh, the wonders of photoshop!) but I am still quite fond of it.

There is a painter, Anne Hansen, in Victoria, that is quite a free spirit and has become an example to me. Well-known art critic, Robert Amos comments:

"When I began to compare her skill level to other artists and suggest ways in which she might make her paintings "better," she stopped me. "It's hard for me to see art as competitive. That's a kind of corporate way of thinking."

Right on Anne, for putting yourself first. Check out her work at:

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AutumnLeaves said...

I've never had hot peanuts but admit I am rather intrigued by that idea (rather like roasting chestnuts? which I've not had either...) I love antique stores though and could browse and dream and reminisce for hours within one.