Tuesday, March 8, 2011


a photo of an unglazed Newhouse teapot

OK, I was trying to work from reference photos of unglazed pots and try to paint them as they will appear once they are glazed. So not happening. Too much guess work about where reflections will fall. I couldn't paint a convincing color, everything turned out a horrible old hospital wall color!!..I was so frustrated I could have bitten someone. Bruce wisely stays away from me in these moments. I will try again today with different photo references. Duh!

Happy International Women's Day! I am hoping that unpaid work (generally done by women) will receive recognition of it's importance in the not too far future. How would the world turn if there were not those people who can cook, run a household and care for children and the elderly. Celebrate! Do something you couldn't do 50-100 years ago. Like:

Educate yourself about birth control
Acquire birth control
Walk into a beer parlor unescorted
Teach while pregnant
Hold any sort of job while pregnant
Have maternity benefits
Be recognized as a human being
Take out a mortgage
take out a loan
rent a telephone
Have a credit card in her own name


AutumnLeaves said...

That is one gorgeous unglazed pot there, Paula. Did you make it? Hoping you can avoid the frustrations today though...

Juanita Rose Violini said...

I think it looks pretty good. Except for that blue thing in the background. And I might put the pot on a cream or cornmeal coloured cloth instead of white. But the pot itself is perfect. In my opinion.