Friday, March 18, 2011


Badger 12x12 acrylic collage

Badgers are endangered here. They are losing their habitat and can't seem to adapt to vehicle traffic. I think they are very cool. Nancy Newhouse, a local conservationist, has done a lot of work to help protect them. I hope to find some dens this summer when I am out exploring. A couple of seasons ago, I had the amazing fortune to come by one little guy guarding his den. I hopped out of the truck and kept getting closer snapping photos all the while. Suddenly, he pierced me with a glare and stamped his feet. Having spent a few occasions fleeing out of a bull pasture, I recognized that international sign for "back off". My next thought was "How fierce are badgers and how fast can they run?"


AutumnLeaves said...

Paula, you made me laugh out loud picturing you running from bull pastures. And may I add that I am so glad you made it out safely? This is such a cute little fellow! Love the whole piece!

Nora and James McDowell said...

A few years back we watched a badger crossing an open field. He wasn't running but he sure was covering the ground. I imagine running would be faster.
We have some badgers round here and I called "them what wanted to know" about seeing them crossing the road near us but they seemed unimpressed stating there just wasn't the habitat for them. In truth they are taking up habitat at the golf course and I hope someone doesn't get stupid ideas because they are a wonderful animal: much more adept at getting rid of gophers than either shooting or trapping.